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We are a local Hispanic family making traditional homemade Mexican Tamales in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Tamales the Old Fashion Way

Our tamales are made fresh each day. So when you place an order, we immediatly begin to prepair your order for pick up

Our Clients Say…

Best Tamales that you can buy. I miss the days of the guys just walking around our neighborhood on the weekend selling them out of the pot. The ladies that run this place do it right.  Everyone says their moms or grandmas is the best, and I tend to believe them. This place however has that grandma taste. The secret ingredient is love. That's right...  LOVE. I love this place. I should also mention that the women who work there are always nice and polite to me even though I am gringo looking white boy. It's the little things. Also, they sell their tamales frozen. Plan accordingly.
Joel V.
A large craving for tamales drove me to try out this place.. formerly known as Lucy's Tamale Factory, it's just now The Tamale Factory. This place probably underwent different management or owners I would assume from the name change as the Lucy's Tamale website only lists their Story Rd. location now. The food for me tastes the same as it was before the name change and not much difference for what I wanted. Certainly got my craving's worth.
Trung N.
I don't know why I only gave four stars before. Since writing my previous review I have moved across the bay, even further from The Tamale Factory and have been missing their tamales. Just yesterday I made a trek out just to stock up.I also like how late they are open.
Jenny M.
My husband finally brought some home, he has been talking up this place for weeks and being Mexican finally got a taste of some awesome home-made tamales! Gracias to the hard working mujeres. Perfect for breakfast and/or dinner.
Alicia J. - Perfect for breakfast and/or dinner
I discovered this place through yelp, and I love their chicken tamales. I usually order a dozen and freeze them.
T Bird W - I love their chicken tamales
I can't say I'm much of a tamale connoisseur, however, these were delicious and super fresh! It's a tiny place with a table and couple chairs, so I definitely recommend that you take things to go.  I tried the pork and cheese tamales and they were still warm and yummy, especially on a cold day.  The service was friendly, and helpful in answering all of our questions.  Now I know where to go if I'm ever craving for tamales!
Tramy V. - Delicious and super fresh!
Best tamales in town. Looks like a dive located in a strip mall. I always stop by and take out for eating at home, there's only 1 table for dining in. Was here on New Year's Eve and there was a 15 minute wait. Lunch there is no waiting.  My favorites are the red salsa and chicken and jalapeño tamales. Great idea if you want to have friends over for dinner and don't feel like cooking.
G. D.
One tamale two tamale three tamale four... Five tamales six tamale and your out the door... Oh is that a bad poem or what? If the truth be told... You would know that six tamales is about $13... The little over two dollars each... The tamales here are good... Actually they're very good... Especially on a cold winter morning.. You know it's an authentic Mexican tamale when the locals frequent the place in the line out the door... Especially on Christmas Eve... You better get there early in the day... Or you are out of luck! The women work at this establishment are very hard-working... I can't  imagine what it would be like to slave over tamale pot all day long... I'm so grateful that they are there... And that they have such continued dedication to making tamales for the community in Alumrock... So if you want some really good tamales... I suggest you try the tamale factory... And don't forget to tip these ladies... just have appreciation for who they are and what they make and serve at this business... And during this holiday season... Have yourself a very BIG plate of tamales from the tamale factory!
Karen D. - If you want some really good tamales... I suggest you try the tamale factory